10th Anniversary DRT Portland 2022, June 11

Disaster Relief Trials Portland 2012 Le Mans start [photo Devin Bryant]

Save the date! June 11, 2022: The Cully Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon will host the 10th Anniversary edition of Disaster Relief Trials Portland. We’re currently ironing-out essential partnerships which will be announced soon.

Disaster Relief Trials Portland 2022 (DRT PDX ‘22) will focus it’s “day 4 supply run” simulation on plausible post-disaster assets and vulnerabilities of the Cully Neighborhood, a 2.74 square mile (7.1 square kilometer) portion of Northeast Portland. Because 5-10 checkpoints define any given DRT challenge and because full-circuit categories aim for a “3+ hour shift” scenario, some of the checkpoints will necessarily be located outside of Cully, representing realistic relief supply pick-up sites: adjacent neighborhoods or predicted central city/county distribution points. We’ll see what ≈50 motivated cargo cycling volunteers can do to improve Cully neighborhood resilience within 3-6 hours of strategic navigating, hauling, and communicating.

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