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  1. Jamie

    What is the gear requirement to participate? Do you have to have an actual cargo bike? What if you just have a pannier rack? If the pannier rack is not rated for the full weight amount, can two people with pannier racks share the duty as one entry?

    • antload

      Categories: Family, Mixed Vehicle Pairs, E-bike, Open, Citizen. To be thoroughly defined soon! The main point of DRT is to demonstrate substantial load-hauling, the likes of which are not possible without a cargo bike or trailer. The Mixed Vehicle Pair, Open, and E-bike categories will handle full DRT payload accumulation: 50kg (per Essential Elements page).
      The Mixed Vehicle Pair class involves one person on a cargo bike and one on a regular bike, with load-hauling, navigation, and terrain challenge techniques to be designed by the respective teams! Big advantage for the One Meter Barrier.
      The Family and Citizen Categories will not visit all the relief supply pick-up Checkpoints, thus will accumulate less than a 50kg payload, but a cargo bike or trailer payload, nonetheless. We like awkward bulky Relief cargo which necessitates true cargo bike capacity.

      -Mike Cobb
      Steering Committee

  2. Jay Monk

    Do you expect bike riders in drt to work together in teams, or as individuals? How big can a team be?
    What kind of cargo items can we expect to carry? I saw on another page there will be fragile items in an egg carton. What else to expect composition of the 50 kg load? Is this a load we pick up and drop off at the sites? What do we need to provide from our personal equipment (besides a bike)?
    Are bikes with trailers included in the same category as bikes with panniers?
    Thanks for responding. This ride competition sounds really interesting.

    • antload


      Thanks for writing. I think your questions are answered at the disasterrelieftrials.com landing page. The actual fragile and/or heavy and/or unwieldy relief cargo objects are revealed 1 hour prior to 11AM start via amplified radio message and laminated Map/Manifest. Check out Essential Elements page for more clues as to the nature of the DRT supply run challenge.


    • You’ll find a Registration Invitation at the disasterrelieftrials.com landing page. I hope we see you on June 11!
      Weekly Tuesday 6:45-10:15am Coffee Klatches at Cully Park provide face-to-face orientation and load-lashing practice up until DRT! Off-grid coffee provided.

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