DRT Portland 2016 Registration is Live!

Join us Saturday, October 22 to exercise, show off, and celebrate our unique abilities to haul supplies, independent of infrastructure.

It’s a drill, it’s a play day, it’s a competition: centered around a realistic story of neighbors helping neighbors after the big one.

Cascadia Subduction Zone has finally popped free of its perilous stasis. 300 years of unrelenting plate convergence has been resolved in 7 minutes and 25 seconds of existential mayhem. The following 3 days of extrication, triage, and assessment leaves each neighborhood with a long list of material needs. Local supply sources have been identified by emergency management agencies and by your neighbors. The next step is to mount a supply run across broken terrain, in a land neutered of infrastructure.

Your neighbors need help- do you have a cargo bike?

3 thoughts on “DRT Portland 2016 Registration is Live!

  1. mizee

    Bummer… been wondering when DRT 2016 would be held. I enjoyed seeing the bikes here in my University Park neighborhood last year. Didn’t realize it was moving to the “other” university neighborhood this year. I’ll look for BikePortland coverage on Monday. Hope everyone had a great time!


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