Disaster Relief Trials PDX Slated for Cully Park

Cully Park, in NE Portland, has lots of barely navigable Rough Terrain opportunities, full amenities for human comfort, fun playground landscaping, wide-open spaces, and stark views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens. Formerly home to Multnomah and Clackamas people as well as other tribes and bands, Cully Park has recently been re-seeded with one of the first peoples food staples, Camas. The pink flower of the starchy camas bulb will color the area for the first time in decades, come this spring. Prior to European colonization, camas filled the local meadows for thousands of years, encouraged by proto-agricultural controlled burns.

10th Anniversary DRT Portland 2022, June 11

Disaster Relief Trials Portland 2012 Le Mans start [photo Devin Bryant]

June 11, 2022, Cully Park, NE Portland, Oregon will host the 10th Anniversary edition of Disaster Relief Trials Portland.

Disaster Relief Trials Portland 2022 (DRT PDX ‘22) will focus it’s “day 4 supply run” simulation on plausible post-disaster assets and vulnerabilities of the Cully Neighborhood, a 2.74 square mile (7.1 square kilometer) portion of Northeast Portland. Because 5-10 checkpoints define any given DRT challenge and because full-circuit categories aim for a “3+ hour shift” scenario, some of the checkpoints will necessarily be located outside of Cully, representing realistic relief supply pick-up sites: adjacent neighborhoods or predicted central city/county distribution points. We’ll see what ≈50 motivated cargo cycling volunteers can do to improve Cully neighborhood resilience within 3-6 hours of strategic navigating, hauling, and communicating.

2015 Portland DRT registration is now LIVE!

Registration of the 2015 Portland Disaster Relief Trials is now live! Go to our EventBrite site to sign up!

This year we will be featuring a “hub-and-spoke” checkpoint arrangement, centered at the University of Portland. We have six classes of riders from the Family class to the Responder class. Even if you don’t want to ride, we are also looking for volunteers!

See you at the University of Portland on October 17th!