DRT SF is in the books.

Oh man, what a great day!  We’ll publish full results soon, but I wanted to give next-morning kudos to the extreme performers.  People who dramatically proved the premise that cargo bikes and motivated people are inherently valuable resources, post-disaster.

Paul Freedman: 1st place, e-ASSIST CLASS (1st overall, 27+ miles, 100+ lbs cargo, 2 hours 8 minutes)
Josh Phillips: 1st place, OPEN CLASS
Mike Cheung: 1st place: CITIZEN CLASS
Katie Styer, Vajda, Adam Shapiro: 1st place, OPEN TEAM CLASS (1st non-e-assist, 27+ miles, 200+ lbs cargo, 2:18)

Of all the stats of the day, my favorite is that 39 eggs, representing fragile medicine, were picked-up and delivered to BASE unbroken.  NO EGGS BROKEN.

Big thanks to Xtracycle, who provided clutch support for the whole DRT SF event.  Their presence at BASE created wonderful ambiance with an opulent gluten-free vegan snack bar, unending logistical assistance, graceful registration transactions, answers to any and all cargo bike questions posed by DRT gawkers….and smiles: Xtracycle is populated by nice people.  We felt the love and cherish the partnership.

Open Air Cinema‘s cater-made pedal powered digital leader board functioned flawlessly and added gee-whiz bling to our event.  Polymath Sam Garfield, of Open Air Cinema, coordinated with Two Meter Critical Mass amateur radio team to provide minute-by-minute competitor status updates for spectators at BASE.  We watched the drama unfold on a big flat screen…and no grid of civilization required.

Two Meter Critical Mass of SF provided 6 amateur radio operators, 4 of which were bike-based!  They worked within our imperfect system to create a PERFECT FLOW OF DATA.  We knew where each of the competitors were AT ALL TIMES.  Again, no grid of civilization required.

Rock the Bike provided the pedal-powered PA system at BASE.  A system that has been refined by over 100 human-powered stage productions.  Smooth loud sound….Good-vibes intermission music….The unflappable charisma of Paul Freedman, AKA Fossil Fool.  Thank-you for your vital contribution to the off-grid functionality of DRT SF and essential contribution to it’s character.  Hats off to the pedal power pros.

Speaking of character, the visual branding of the event was handled by Kas33 Creative.  Kelley Stangl made us look better than I ever imagined.  Caught Xtracycle’s attention.  Look for more of Kelley’s graphic design in the bike world.

Chrome Industries hosted Checkpoint 4 at their classy world HQ/showroom with widely-reported congeniality: distributing “fragile medicine” and good cheer to all the DRT riders.  Bridget Frederick provided top-notch staffing at Chrome, putting our minds at ease.

San Francyclo, a really sweet cargo bike and utility bike shop in SF, offered “bike parts” at checkpoint 1…and fielded a hot-shot rider, AnsonSo good to hand-off crucial DRT components to someone else!  Thank-you!

Thank-you San Francisco-Marin Food Bank for being so free and easy with your authentic Checkpoint facility.  We owe you one!

Fort Point Beer Company really gets DRT.  They were on the bandwagon from the get-go.  We ran rough-shod over their lot and stripped it of “construction materials” (pallets).  We look forward to partnering with them next year and yes, a Fort Point beer garden is a must.

Thank-you Liz Canning of Less Car More Go, Carrie from TheAtlantic.com, Alicia from San Francisco Department of Emergency Management, and Lauren Pedersen of Performance Bicycle San Jose for providing coverage of the event for your respective audiences.

Thank you Scott Perkins of SF Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) for organizing!  Without Scott, there is no DRT SF. Without Scott, there is 62% less energy.  Without Scott, the DRT movement stops at the California border. Scott is in conversation with San Francisco Fire Department’s Lieutenant Erica Arteseros, director of SF NERT, about creating a NERT cargo bike pilot program.  I spoke with Erica too.  She’s really intrigued. This represents on-target status for our DRT efforts.  We did it.  -Mike


Mark Sullivan reconstitutes his Yuba Mundo after an utterly clean run. No broken eggs, a full five gallons of water, perfect routing. So much style and grace, Mark provided picture perfect advocacy for cargo bikes as disaster response tools.


Fragile medicine intact!


Fragile medicine intact!


Open Air Cinema pedal-powered digital leader board performed flawlessly: clearly displaying real-time competitor status via amateur radio operator-transmitted data. BASE spectators watched the drama unfold as competitors struggled through the 5 checkpoint circuit.

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