Disaster Relief Trials San Francisco FINAL RESULTS



E  e-ASSIST Class (full blast with electric assist motor, proof of off-grid charging, 100lb payload)

OT  OPEN TEAM Class (full blast, 3 riders, 2 100lb payloads)

O  OPEN Class (full blast, 100lb payload)

C CITIZEN Class (having fun on a serious mission, 100lb payload)



*OF IMPORT: Liam Casey, OPEN Class, visited Checkpoint 2 but missed the cargo.  There was enough unintended confusion involved with Checkpoint 2 that we took pity and gave him a pass.  Had we been hard-core judges, we would’ve DQ’d him and would’ve given Mark Sullivan 2nd place in OPEN Class.  Certainly Mark’s additional 4 minutes represents the burden of locating, loading, riding with, and unloading the 30lb food cargo.  Sorry Mark.  Feeling a little guilty at not rewarding your perfect “day 4 supply run”.

**Scott Perkins, e-ASSIST Class, was the DRT SF organizer and performed Safety Sweep duty to come in last place.  He coulda been a contenda.


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