DRT Portland 2015


Portland cyclists are called to test their navigation, problem solving and load-hauling mettle on October 17th, 2015 in a disaster drill designed to showcase the relevance of cargo bikes to disaster relief.

This year’s competition will feature a “hub-and-spoke” checkpoint arrangement, centered at the University of Portland. Riders will begin on campus and return periodically to complete disaster relief challenges, making this year’s event especially spectator friendly. The LeMans start, barrier crossing, flood fording, awkward load lashing, and harried relief cargo delivery will all be located at the campus hub. Between moments of DRT action, the nearby Chiles Center resilience fair will offer information and activities to get you prepared for any disaster.

In addition to being a challenge for riders, the DRT will serve as an exercise for other aspects of community disaster response such as Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams (NET), local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), and the newly developed Oregon Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST).

DRT Portland is generously supported by University of PortlandPortland Bureau of Emergency ManagementMultnomah County Emergency Management, and Cascade Regional Earthquake Workgroup.

DRT Portland is also supported by these local businesses! Cynergy Ebikes, EvolTwin Printing, Portland Design Works, Splendid Cycle and Skout Organics

cynergy ebikes logoEvol Twin PrintingPortland Design Works LogoSplendid logoSOT_on_White-ORGANIC-Version2

Thanks everyone for helping make the 2015 Portland DRT a huge success!

The final leaderboard and times can be found on our Google Sheet.

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10 thoughts on “DRT Portland 2015

  1. John Nurse

    Curious to know if the registration is for a whole family or per person and where does the money benifit? This looks like a very cool event


    • antload

      Registration is per person and registration costs go towards administrative details which includes a t-shirt and stainless steel pint cup for each competitor.


  2. Lindsey Kennedy

    Oh wow! I am excited/nervous already!!! This event looks amazing and right up my ally…as I have a cargo bike, I am on a NET team (in the process) and love cyclocross! When does registration open for the 2015 event?


  3. Jim Axling

    Looks like a cool event – makes me wish even more that I had a cargo bike! 😀

    And FYI: if the Resilience Fair is being held under the white dome on the UP campus at the corner of Portsmouth and Willamette, that’s the “Chiles Center”, not the “Child’s Center”. 🙂


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  5. Hi,
    My name is Matt Landon and I am organizing an Earthquake Prep ride for the 2016 Pedalpalooza bike ride happening June 9-July 4 in Portland, OR. I’d love to have some folks from the DRT Portland to attend or help with organizing this event or at least spread the word. I’d like to follow the evacuation route referred to in this recent article http://motherboard.vice.com/read/first-five-minutes-big-one-earthquake starting near the University of Portland and get folks familiar with the locations of post disaster relief nodes and share local “keystone” survival information and plug folks into our post disaster digital “public post office” plan as well. Any help or suggestions for how to make this ride more fun would be awesome. Ok let me know, be well, Matt Landon with Vancovuer Action Network


    • antload

      Matt! Sorry we missed this. I would like to try to attend and can bring a fairly optimized disaster response bike as a show-and-tell. I’m especially interested in talking about the great potential for promoting a secondary service platform for response bikes: power generators/comfort stations at communication nodes. Let us know the exact date.
      In terms of help organizing, I don’t think we have the bandwidth to go beyond DRT, especially with 6-7 DRTs slated for this summer.


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